Project Organisation

The AIR project is divided in 6 work packages including 30 partners from 14 countries. Coordination bodies were created: 

  • Coordination Group: in charge of the coordination of the project, composed of the CRA, UVSB2 and ISPED.
  • Board:the main role of this group will to make suggest and to prepare the decisions to the General Assembly. The board is composed by the coordination group and the leader of the working groups.
  • General Assembly: Its role is to validate the decisions suggested by the Board and also ensure the coordination of individual WP methodologies with the other leaders. This assembly is composed by one person from the organisation of the associated partners.
  • Regional Sterring Committee of Aquitaine: composed by the regional health institution in order to provide knowledge and expertise in the field of health and health inequalities as well as to contribute in the project results.