Bibliography and Exchange

Leader IRDES (Institute of Research and Documentation in Health Economy) France

 Work package 4 (WP4) is the first step of the AIR project. As such, it is responsible for the foundation block of the project by collecting the available literature on the subject of reducing health inequalities in the primary setting and by providing an intervention’s framework. In other words, the objective of work package 4 is to do a systematic review of available academic literature in each partner’s language on evaluated intervention in primary care aimed at reducing socio-economic health inequalities. The literature is selected in national and international bibliographic database with a list of keywords approved the AIR project’s board. The package leader is IRDES (Institute of Research and Documentation in Health Economy), a non for profit association which primary mission is to provide high quality research and information for those who are interested in the future of health care systems. Participating members of IRDES in the AIR project are Yann Bourgueil, director, Florence Jusot, associate researcher and Henri Leleu, public health resident. WP4 is also associated with a number of partners of the Air team. 

Specific Objectives: To identify evidence-based effective interventions in primary care. To build a descriptive framework of interventions to assist work package 5 in the survey creation.

Deliverables: Literature review report. Publications of the results of the project in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Contact person: Yann BOURGUEIL, E-mail :, Phone number : +33 1 53 93 43 18