Dissemination of results

Leader: Observatoire de la Santé du Hainaut- Hainaut Santé (OSH-HS), Belgium

In the AIR project WP 2 is dealing with the dissemination of results. The objective of this work package is to ensure the best dissemination of the project’s results trough communication tools: website, newsletters, leaflets, professionals’ network and decision makers. Two kinds of tools will be developed by WP2. On one hand, we will use tools for internal communication such as the newsletters. On the other hand, external communication tools will be used too. The website, the leaflets and the final newsletter will help us to disseminate the results of AIR. Leader partner of WP2 is the Health Observatory of Hainaut ( HS- Hainaut Santé) in Belgium.To disseminate the results requires collaboration from all the work packages and all the partners involved in the project. Work Package 2  is working with associated partners and collaborative partners. 

Specific Objectives:To disseminate of the intermediate and final results of the project 

Deliverables: Newsletters, Website, Dissemination plan,  Directory of good practice,  A seminar on the communication of results.

Contact person: Geneviève PENSIS, E-mail : Genevieve.Pensis@hainaut.be, Phone number : +32(0) 65 87 96 27