Leader: Laboratorio Management e Sanità, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa
This work package will focus on the preparation of a survey to collect information in a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be developed to gather information about actions and policies which contribute to reduce health inequalities through the primary care settings in the regions of the E.U.The questionnaire will focus on the collection of information with regard to various strategies to reduce health inequalities. More specifically, the data collected will cover the following : population group, level of implementation and responsibility of the actions, workforce involved, special local actions contributing to the results, expected results; additionally it will provide information on the impact of health inequalities and on the non-health sector, monitoring and evaluation of the system, eventual integration of approach with other programs and policies (as education, environmental…), costs and efficiency, type of financial and political commitment, type of health inequalities measurement.On the other hand, the questionnaire will gather general information relating to programmes and policies, which are employed to address health inequalities at both regional and national level. Two different kinds of questions will be adopted: - Fixed choice questions i.e.: “Has your region adopted special health care services for…” (Admitted answers: yes, no, give% and number); - Open ended questions, i.e..: “description of relevant action to reduce inequalities of health”.The unit of analysis will be at the regional level, taking into account the different roles the regional level has in promoting public health. If the results of the questionnaire are found to be of relevant importance there is the option to develop more focused interviews in the regions and (its) local authorities, which will be asked to share their practices.
Specific Objectives:
To build a survey and a questionnaire that will collect information examining various strategies to reduce health inequalities, general information related to programmes and policies at both regional and national level. The unit of analysis will be the regional level. 
Realization of survey, Report on actions collected
Contact person:
Sara BARSANTI, Email:, Phone number: +39 050 883875